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Arch Supports and Inserts

What are they and why do I need them?

Think of the bottom of your foot as the foundation of your body. The foot must be in proper alignment and balance to support the rest of your body correctly. In fact if your foot is not in alignment it can and will throw the rest of your body out of alignment causing poor posture and pain in the ankles, knees, lower back, and even the neck. A properly fitted arch support or insert can effectively provide comfort, balance and support, and in most cases, improve your posture.


Since most shoes are designed to fit the masses, your foot is not properly supported and is adjusting to the insole of your shoe. Think of an arch support or accommodative insert as a device that is designed to fill the space between in the bottom of your foot and the shoe, providing proper support and alignment. Now, whatever shoe you wear is "custom fit" to your arch and foot shape.


There are a wide range of pre-manufactured inserts available. Prices will vary from very inexpensive to several hundred dollars. Many inserts are manufactured from different density materials, some very soft and forgiving and others very rigid and firm. The staff at Foot Solutions is trained to help you select the device that works best for you and fits your budget. Our assessment process includes a gait analysis (watching how you walk) as well as completing a scan of your feet to assess arch height, pressure points and other issues to consider to make sure the arch support selected works for you.

Inserts and arch supports can help people from all walks of life, whether they are workers who stand on their feet most of the day, children, grandparents, athletes, or people that want to relieve or prevent pain and soreness affecting their feet, legs, knees, lower back, hips and even their neck. The proper foot support can make all the difference in the world. Arch supports may be pre-manufactured, or custom made. Pre-manufactured inserts and arch supports, sometimes called over the counter, come in a variety of materials, densities, and sizes and are generally designed to fit the "average arch" for the general public. Even these should be selected properly for your need and fitted properly into a pair of shoes designed to accommodate an insert or arch support.


A 3/4-length support is very common and will support your heel through your arch, and are often used in dress shoes or shoes too snug to fit a full length insert. A full-length insert runs the entire length of the foot and will take up more space in the shoe, so it is important to ensure your shoe can accommodate the insert as well as your foot. Metatarsal pads are small pads designed to displace pressure by taking the weight off a metatarsal head, where you may be feeling pain or pressure.


Custom arch supports are made specifically for you individual feet, using the arch hieight, length and contours of your feet to provide uncompromised support. The goal of any insert is to properly support your arch, relieving pain and pressure and aligning the foot to enhance comfort.



Soft: used in diabetics, arthritics, and others requiring a soft cushion to relieve pressure.

Medium: used in most people who require support for various problems and who have never worn a support before.

Firm: used in those who have worn out their old device and require a strong support, also used in cases of dress shoe needs, and are 3/4 in length.


Berkemann Footbridge is a ¾ length leather insert made in Germany that has very durable,and offers a cushioned heel to address heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Stable Steps: a firm device that is 3/4 in length; it has a preformed arch and can be effectively used in a variety of problem feet.

Superfeet is a well know over the counter insert, very reasonably priced that offers support to a wide range of customers.

FS 700 is one of our best selling over the counter inserts, offering great support in a soft comfortable insert. Metatarsal pads can be added as needed to customize the fit and effectiveness.

Euro Flex: A very thin, firm device that can be effectively used in many dress shoes for both men and women.

Lynco inserts are another well known brand which effectively combines arch support and cushion. Lyncos come in a number of different styles to address a number of issues, such as ball of foot pain or over pronation.


How long does a Foot Solutions arch support last? With proper care, your new custom inserts should maintain a high level of comfort and support for two years or more. The material used to make a Foot Solutions arch support is available in several densities to give you a choice of hardness appropriate to your level of activity and personal preference. As you might expect, the harder, more dense materials will usually last longer than the softer ones.


Do these inserts require special shoes? Foot Solutions inserts can be made to fit perfectly in almost any shoes. Of course, there must be enough room in the shoe to accommodate the arch support or insert. Shoes with removable insoles and plenty of room work better because they allow for a thicker arch support or insert with better shock-absorbing qualities.


The Foot Solutions insert or arch support is an excellent choice in combining comfort, performance, and durability in an insole at a reasonable price. Once you've tried them in a pair of shoes, you'll begin to understand what foot comfort is all about. Years of experience have taught us how to create arch supports that address foot pain and problems and help your feet feel like they are on a holiday!

Visit Foot Solutions and talk to our thoroughly trained fitting specialists. They can offer a variety of products to help your feet feel better.




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